Greenland is a land of diverse landscapes and experiences. You can sail the fiords and see whales and seals, climb aboard a dog sleigh and explore the wide open expances of the inland ice, you can go kayaking with the local inuit population and you might find yourself at a traditional kaffemik, sharing coffee, warmth, smiles and stories with the locals.

We here at Touring Greenland know that the country is full of diverse experiences. We were either born here or came for a visit and were just never able to leave again. So whether you want to experience Greenland’s culture, the fantastic wildlife or the

stunning landscape, want to travel on foot, car, snowmobile or by air, we can help you. In short, we can help tailor your trip and give you advice based in first-hand experience so it really because your dream holiday.

Touring Greenland is owned by Anika Krogh and Vanessa Hassing, and our employees are experienced tourist coordinators and cruise managers with years of experience handling flights, cruise ships and tourist trips. To create the best overview of what Greenland can offer, we have created an online portal that features local tourist providers throughout the country to ensure that we can always find the right provider to meet your needs and give you the authentic feeling of Greenland, as it’s intimately know by the locals. At the same time

We’re always happy to answer any questions you have or to discuss tailored trips that fit your wishes. So please feel free to call us or write to us using the contact details below.

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